Guiding you through your own healing journey with Past life regression, Energy healing and Holistic coaching.

Hey, I'm Elena

People say about me that I'm a natural guide, with a calming presence that make you feel safe and understood. I easily perceive the energy behind situations. I'm an emotional Projector, introverted Connector, INFP personality, Gemini Sun, Cancer Moon and Sagittarius Rising. 

I like to joke that I'm a time travel guide. When you work with me, we will explore your childhood, your past lives, your future self or lives, and maybe other places your Soul wants to show us. I'm the Human guide, but your Soul and spirit guides are taking us on a journey, where you will get answers and healing. 

I'll help you explore the messages of your soul, connect the dots and rewrite the stories running in your mind, so you can create a new reality for yourself. And enjoy this lifetime even more!

I do that through my Lightweb® Priestess 1:1 work : Energy Healing sessions, Akashic records soul journeys into Past lives, and coaching packages (which are a mix of healing and spiritual coaching, because I believe working with different conscious levels helps us work deeper and faster). 

You are a spiritual woman, understanding that we are a soul in a body and that our Soul is infinite. You are willing to rise in consciousness and believe that life is happening FOR you, for your evolution and growth. 

Then you're in the right place!

Here's what you can expect from me: 

Gentle guidance, energy shifts, soul connection, talking to spirit guides and angels, intuitive hints, transmutation of shadows, but real world conversations as well. 

What I'm NOT doing:

Pushing you, fixing you (you are already whole and complete), reading your thoughts, expecting you to live the life of your dreams after 3 months (that’s great if you do, but it’s a journey!) or giving any medical diagnosis. 

work with me

Let's co-create :

1:1 online Energy Healing and Coaching

Energy healing

Single session

In this spiritually guided session, I will use my Lightweb® Priestess toolbox to guide you through your own healing journey: Akashic records soul journey through past lives, age regression hypnotherapy, Lightweb® healing and coaching... depending on the issue you are coming with, your session will be completely bespoke to your current needs. 

Ideal for clearing a pattern of energy that keeps you stuck in the void, allowing your energy to shift and align to a higher vibration. I'll help you explore the messages of your soul, connect the dots and rewrite the stories running in your mind, so you can create a new reality for yourself. And enjoy this lifetime even more!

  • Energy Healing session (90 min)
  • One week message support 
  • a portion of your purchase is donated to, funding reforestation

CHF 222

Prices in Swiss Francs (CHF)
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energy upgrade

4 weeks journey

In this intensive journey we're going to meet over one month and work on upgrading your energy about an issue that you're experiencing in this lifetime. It is completely bespoke to your needs and spiritually guided, but we will certainly be using different tools to clear different layers of the energy block.

For example, we could use age regression to clear a layer and then work in the Akashic Records to clear past lives layers, and of course some holistic coaching to help you create a new reality for yourself.

  • Intro coaching session (60min) 
  • 2x Energy Healing sessions (90 minutes)
  • 4 weeks messaging support 
  • a portion of your purchase is donated to, funding reforestation

CHF 555

Prices in Swiss Francs (CHF)
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payment plans available

energy coaching

12 weeks journey 

This journey combines Energy Healing sessions and holistic coaching for a deeper work using different levels of consciousness.

Over 3 months we can work on a specific goal and unlock several related energy layers, so that you can be an energetic match to your biggest dreams.

  • Intro coaching session (60min) 
  • 6x Holistic coaching sessions (60min)
  • 3x monthly Energy Healing sessions (90min)
  • 12 weeks messaging support 
  • a portion of your purchase is donated to, funding reforestation

We will meet about 3x a month and make sure you have some integration time.  

CHF 2'222

Prices in Swiss Francs (CHF)
Check the conversion rate

payment plans available

If we don't know each other already please book a free alignment call first :) 


Clients Love

My session with Elena brought me a quiet, deep peace after months of struggling with my business mojo. Viewing this present issue through my experience in a previous lifetime helped make sense of why I had felt so stuck. Elena was such a gentle and steady guide, I felt completely safe and could relax into the process. I also so appreciated being able to slow down and hear what I needed to hear. I would highly recommend this beautiful way of working with Elena.

Carol Lee

Elena is a wonderful, healing guide. She is gentle, open, aware, and understanding. She asks enlightening questions and softly guides you through big feelings to uncover layers of your soul that are aching to be seen. A healing journey with Elena is a powerful gift! You will walk away with deep knowings and life-changing insights.

Lo B.

Elena was amazing. She explained everything well and spoke slowly and softly and prompted me when I felt stuck. It was an experience I’ve never had before and once I’d like to look into more. She did a great job all round. I would definitely recommend Elena for this service and would definitely do it again.

Lynda McIntyre

My healing session with Elena was amazing!

Elena expertly wove transformational hypnotherapy with Lightweb®, a spiritual healing tool, to transform old energy blocks & some limiting beliefs I had into a new story of empowerment within me.

I woke up the next day feeling more confident & different, in a very good way! Tasks that normally overwhelmed me, I did with ease. I have been listening to a guided meditation she created for me for several weeks now; every time I feel amazing and wonderful while I’m listening to it and I wake up feeling a greater sense of trust in myself the next day.

I felt safe with Elena, understood by her and had confidence in her ability to take me through the session. Her calming presence elicited a sense of trust from me. I highly recommend a session (or many!) with Elena. You will feel safe, heard, held and HEALED!

Sarah Marcotte

How would you like to feel?

If you're reading these lines, chances are you're not exactly where you want to be in your life. Something you might not be able to identify (and that's ok) is holding you back. You are willing to change it and do the work for your Soul to evolve and for your Human to live an amazing, easy and happy life, being who you came here to be. 

These are some examples of what you could experience when working together: 

  • Open yourself to YOU, look at what’s inside, with love
  • Learn how to navigate life in your human vessel
  • Find and live your purpose to the fullest
  • Know and trust that you are enough and worthy
  • Raise your intuition and connect with your guides and angels
  • Shift your reality for a higher vibrational one
  • Feel supported and loved
  • Know that you belong here on Earth

This is what working with me looks like  

As a LightWeb® Priestess, LightBringer® Healer & Coach, Akashic Records guide, Rapid Transformational Therapy practitioner, together with my intuition and my healing experience of many lifetimes, I guide you through your own healing journey.

Our sessions and packages (which I prefer calling "Journeys") are generally a mix of healing and spiritual coaching, because I believe working with different conscious levels help us working deeper and faster.

My coaching isn't regular coaching. I call it holistic because it includes every aspect of you, not just going from A to B and ignoring who you are. It’s energy work. Yes, speaking can be magical too! Did you know that Abracadabra means “I create as I speak” ? 

We discuss goals based on how you want to feel, and the work is about transforming your energy so you can be an energetic match to the life of your dreams, and therefore attract more opportunities in your field! 

As we create magic together, we also make room and clear the useless and dusty layers that don’t serve you anymore. We can do this best with my energy healing sessions. 

Every session is tailored to your own needs, and is usually spiritually guided : meaning I let my intuition guide me to serve you best and will use the most appropriate tool for your current situation. If we haven't spoken before, why not booking an Alignment call and having a chat! 


Alignment call 

Let's connect! If you consider working with me, this free 30 minutes conversation is the best way for us to check if we align with each other. I'll help you choose the best package for you (no pressure to buy)


More Clients Love

Elena was a wonderful guide. She is intuitive with a beautiful nurturing energy. She guided me in a gentle, yet powerful manner. I experienced a shift during the session and also received great guidance.

Carien Hugo-Waring

Thank you to Elena for her time today. I have visited the Akashic records on my own in the past, so I wasn't sure what to expect from this session. I felt very safe and calm with Elena. The session was extremely beneficial as I was clearly shown a different reality that was available to me, which explained a lot. Radical acceptance has been a theme that has reoccurred recently, and I can see where I need to work on this following the session.

My session was very emotional, and I wasn't expecting it to be. The emotional side has left me feeling tired, but I know this part of healing. I would happily recommend Elena.

Shamaine Robinson

I found Elena to be a lovely, gentle and warm person to work with. She connected to my issues with ease and I was surprised by the connections to the themes in my life. Elena made it easy for me to access the connections to the Akashic Records and also to remove unwanted impacts of the themes.

I would recommend working with Elena, it’s a lovely peaceful experience and I feel that I have benefitted from it.

Sharon Pearce

I would definitely recommend Elena for an Akashic records session. She is very gentle, patient, calm and does a good job of guiding the client through the record halls to discover meaningful information.

After my session with Elena I responded differently in a conversation with my husband that usually leaves me triggered and defensive. Instead, I responded with curiosity and love and we were able to come to understanding and agreement. He was very grateful for the conversation and said he could tell I really care by the way I handled the situation (this time!).

Thanks Elena!

Kirsten Wagner

My session with Elena was very effective, working on a block which we both felt came from previous lives. I feel much more relaxed now and that the block has almost fully cleared. Using the advice given by Elena, I feel that this block will be gone in another few days. A lovely experience, very gentle but very effective. Wonderful!

Linsey F.

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